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Our professionally designed 4-page full-color newsletter contains short, to the point, interesting articles that are sure to get your customers' attention. It features newsworthy articles on home ownership and lifestyle issues.

This Marketing Program is a service we provide which consists of eight (8) Newsletter per year that we mail on your behalf, at pre-determined intervals, to provide maximum effectiveness and results.

We customize the name of the newsletter to meet your needs, as well as include your photo and return address on the front page. In addition, half of the back page is dedicated to promote your services and can also include photos or text. Our service includes providing the customized newsletters, providing and affixing postage, addressing to the list of customers you choose, folding, tabbing and handling to the post office.

We Handle It All For You While You're Out Listing & Selling!
The following prices includes all the services mentioned above for one issue

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