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"It is our decisions, and not our conditions, that determine our future, and it is our choices that show who we are, far more than our talents"

The objectives and goals we have set in designing our Support Services to you are motivated by the desire to enable you to become more productive, period.

The one word you want to hear is "RESULTS". That's what we can help you achieve.

We are looking forward to assist you in the future.

Our Staff

Realty Productions Co Administrator
Administration & Web Design

Phil has long been interested in computers and also graphic design. The marriage of the two interests led to the next logical step of web design.

He began designing websites in 2006 and has never looked back. Since those early days, he has designed websites for clients from Miami, FL to California, as well as points in between. He has always felt like quality of service was job number one. Because of that attitude, many of the customers from his early days still use Phil to host and maintain their websites, with new clients still being added today.

Phil's philosophy is that anyone should be able to have a quality custom website designed at a reasonable cost.

Realty Productions Co Sales
Sales & Marketing

Andre’s background in Corporate America extended to both sales and management. His real estate background also include, management, training, holding seminars, and serving the industry.

The need for web presence for businesses drove him to offer web marketing services to first, the real estate industry, then to all other types of service companies. Web Design and Promotion, he says, is now the front door for all businesses. Its importance is such that without a web presence, businesses and commerce could not continue to exist, he added. André’s “Let’s get things done” attitude is what describes him best.

His Vision...

Enable real estate professionals and other businesses to become more productive, period.

The one word you want to hear is "RESULTS".

Realty Productions Co Consultant
PH. D., Consultant

Jean (often called John), André’s son, is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in The College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University.

John has been involved with computers since he was 9 years old. He started with a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer, then "upgraded" to a Commodore 64 and eventually settled on a PC.

John previously followed a career in sales and management only to realize that his talents and interests often involved computers. He decided to go to graduate school full-time to acquire his doctoral degree in computer science.

In addition to his career as university educator and researcher, he is a consultant for our company and was instrumental in designing our interface to IDX MLS, including necessary administration functions and dynamic front end code.